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We provide variety of project solution

Since 2012, Industrial has been finishing project differently infusing each stage of production with a positive impact.


Experienced project manager

We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business and make our expertise available for the benefit of the societies where we operate.


Highly trained team

Our Team is well trained, with all consultants undergoing formal training, much of which is conducted by our industry peak body.

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POKY GHANA LIMITED has been in operation since 2012, which makes us one of Ghana’s longest running privately owned permanent and temporary recruitment consultancies. POKY GHANA LIMITED is a committed member of the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association, the peak body for Recruitment organization in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Barren, Omen, and Kuwait.  Mr. Philip Yeboah, our managing director/ business owner is an appointed Board Director of the ROSA, responsible for the membership and accreditations portfolio. Our primary activity is Permanent staff recruitment and Temporary Staffing for single, large volume or ongoing staffing requirements. We recruit at all employment levels from junior to senior and across a broad range of employee categories and sectors. Click to download company profile(PDF).

Construction recruitment services

As the services of the construction recruitment agencies are so vital, we have developed into one of the ablest agencies that are carrying out the job of providing the construction manpower. There are other agencies also. There is a stiff competition in this field too. We try to be the best in each sphere of our services. Otherwise, it would be tough to withstand the competition in this arena also. We take care that there is no complacency at all. It is this attitude that has given us the current position in this industry.

Our Construction Recruitment Customers

Most of our clients who are hiring the construction site workers are general contractors and subcontractors who are responsible for the construction activities of a site. There are also facility managers who work on various projects such as industrial & commercial,
residential and institutional. We ensure that you are provided with the aptest worker for the phase of your project. At Alliance International, we believe in furnishing full customer satisfaction so that we can thrive as you flourish. We also need to live up to the hardearned reputation as one of the most reliable construction recruitment agencies.

Training and Certifications of our candidates

All of our candidates have raced. Just have a look at the training which our candidates undergo to make them fittest for the construction jobs. Training on Scaffolding: They have trained properly the making of scaffolds and the safe usage of the same. 

Fire Training: Adequate firefighting training is imparted to meet any possible fire hazards at the workplace.

Flagger Training: This training is given to the traffic control manager of the construction site.

Safety training of OSHA (10 hrs): These training are given to the new workers who are relatively unknown to the workplace hazards.

Training on Carpentry: Basic training on usage of tools and tackles are taught to these workers.

Why should you choose us?

We are one of the most dependable construction recruiters around. The persons whom we would supply would be industry ready. When they arrive at your site they do not require any special grooming. They would be just ready to start work. We will not send any person who cannot perform the job due to physical inefficiency. The headache of hiring the experienced workers will be borne by us.

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We promise our clients and candidates that
we are:
– Personalized in our service
– Determined in our approach
– Responsive to your needs and requests
– Resourceful in finding solutions
– Reliable in delivering outcomes

At POKY, we know it is all about YOU. Whether
it is that next important permanent appointment
or a casual temporary requirement, let our
experienced consultants assist

Safety is one of the highest priorities within Industries. It is imperative that everyone follows the policies and guidelines to ensure their own safety and the safety of others around them. Hence all recruitment candidates are trained on Safety.

Our Team is well trained, with all consultants undergoing formal training, much of which is conducted by our industry peak body.

You get to save on construction recruitment as we can do the planning for you by providing support to your leading person in working out the number of the requirement of labors.