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Construction Recruitment Services

As the services of the construction recruitment agencies are so vital, we have developed into
one of the ablest agencies that are carrying out the job of providing the construction
manpower. There are other agencies also. There is a stiff competition in this field too. We
try to be the best in each sphere of our services. Otherwise, it would be tough to withstand
the competition in this arena also. We take care that there is no complacency at all. It is this
attitude that has given us the current position in this industry.

Our Service Line
Included but not limited to:
– Permanent staff recruitment
– Provision of labour hire personnel
– Labour hire personnel to permanent staff conversion
– Volume based recruitment
– Pay-rolling services
– HR Consultancy services

Why choose us?

We are one of the most dependable construction recruiters around. The persons whom we would supply would be industry ready. When they arrive at your site they do not
require any special grooming. They would be just ready to start work. We will not send any person who cannot perform the job due to physical inefficiency. The headache of hiring the experienced workers will be borne by us.

Construction Recruitment Services

  •  Recruitment of AC mechanics
  • Manager for BMS
  • Project Engineer for building services
  • Recruitment of Cadets
  •  Engagement of Commercial Managers
  •  Engagement of Contract Administrators
  • Hiring of Construction Manager
  • Hiring of Contract Managers
  • Cost Planners Hiring
  • Hiring of Design Managers
  • Hiring of Development Manager
  • Estimator Hiring

Un-bundled Service Lines

  • Ad Copywriting and Media Placement
  •  Resume screening and short listing
  •  Telephone screening and short listing
  • Customized Induction programs
  • Interview guide preparation
  • Interview panelist partcipant
  • Reference checking/Probity checks
  • sourcing/falicitation relevant psychometric tools
  • Safety awareness programs
  • OH&S training
  • Site audits – safety inspections
  •  Salary survey
  • Benchmarking client employees

Training & Certification

All of our candidates have raced. Just have a look at the training which our candidates undergo to make them fittest for the construction jobs.

They have trained properly the making of scaffolds and the safe usage of the same.

Adequate firefighting training is imparted to meet any possible fire
hazards at the workplace.

This training is given to the traffic control manager of the construction site.

These training are given to the new workers who are relatively unknown to the workplace hazards.

Basic training on usage of tools and tackles are taught to these workers.

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